With over 90 original works of art (paintings, drawings, video and audio), the exhibition is a complete multi-media experience. Upon entering the gallery each visitor is handed a set of wireless headsets, along with a guidebook describing the flow of the space. There are four different audio zones within the space, encompassing eight distinct rooms in sequence.

The exhibition begins with a 12-minute video/performance in a small black room wherein Duckworth meditates for the duration, as the video is projected on top of him and around him. The combination of audio, video and performance is intense, and is intended to immerse the viewer into a present-mind headspace, and create room to be more receptive for the work that follows.

The audio is an integral part of the process - acting as a soundtrack to the exhibition. Composed by three exceptional musicians, inspired by the artwork. Three of the original pieces are located below:  

© 2015 John Duckworth
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