John Duckworth's art imparts a calming, meditative and introspective quality intended to elicit a deeper consideration of ourselves and the world around us. Duckworth says, “we are nature, it’s not something separate and outside of us, it’s this fundamental interconnectedness that I am interested in conveying.” He is most well known for his quietly abstract landscape photography of the Southeast coast, wherein the images read as luminous, meditative color field paintings. 

More recently, his long-standing meditation practice inspired a new body of work culminating in the exhibition entitled "AWAKE" - an immersive multimedia experience guiding each visitor through eight sequential rooms and over 90 original works of art, while wearing wireless headsets playing ambient audio composed for each room. This work is multi-layered and diverse, including photography, painting, screenprinting, airbrush, spraypaint, audio, video, design and performance. Duckworth himself was part of the exhibition, sitting in meditation in the first room as a 15-minute video was projected on top of and around him. “I wanted the exhibition to be alive - as I sat in meditation 2-5 hours a day for two months I was changing, transforming myself as part of the process.

Duckworth’s multidisciplinary creative practice is fundamentally based in learning to embody equanimity.

John Duckworth lives and works between Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC and New York City.

Duckworth has exhibited widely, including solo exhibitions at cueB Gallery, London; Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atlanta; Robert Lange Studios, Charleston; and Jennifer Hunt Gallery, Birmingham, AL. Duckworth has exhibited at Art Basel Miami and has been featured in group shows in Charleston at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and The Gibbes Museum of Art.

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